Microbiota vs Microbiome

From the articles I have read these 2 words are used interchangeably.  However by definition microbiota are the microbes/micro-organisms themselves.  Microbiome is the catalog that the organisms are placed into.

There are trillions of microbiota  throughout the human body.  These organisms vary depending on the part of the body you are working with.  Each area of the body have unique combination of micro-organisms.  These organisms are not transferable to a different location in and on the body.  Researchers have discovered that  each person has a different make up of microbiota.

Where do these organisms come from?  A lot comes from the mother during her pregnancy and during a natural delivery.  The baby is coated with microbes as they travel down the birth canal.  Some microbes we get from the food we eat.

We have both good and bad microbiota in our systems.  We need both for a balanced system.  Hopefully there are more good than bad.

As this blog continues we will talk about a few good microbes, what they do and how we benefit from them.  We will also talk about a few of the bad and how they impact our bodies.

Right now I just want to talk about the microbes in general.  The science of Microbiota and the Microbiome is an ever evolving science.  Researchers are discovering new strains of microbiota, and how they effect the human body.  As the knowledge of microbiota expands so does the microbiome catalog.  There is still a lot that science does not know.

One of the greatest medical discoveries of recent history is the antibiotic.  These drugs have cured millions of people.  Helped increase our life spans by probably decades.  The problem with antibiotics is that they kill the good bacteria and microbes as well as the bad.  So now the body is in danger of being out of balance.  This is like a forest fire.  The fire burns everything in its path.  But from the fire comes new life and a new balance to nature.  After a series of antibiotics the body needs to rebuild itself.  If a good balance is not achieved the body can be susceptible to further ailments and problems.



My name is Robert.  I have a goal of passing around as much information about our bodies as possible.  I would like for people to understand a little bit of what is running around in their insides.

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Have a wonderful day.  I hope to see you again soon.



The good E. coli bacteria

Getting Healthy

This is the second of many blog posts.  This is going to be a journey of education and adventure..  I hope you get as much out of this information as I did when I researched it.  First order of business I am not a doctor or any other health care professional.  These articles are not meant to replace medical advice.  I simply want to pass on the information I have found to help others find a path to a healthy life.  Second I am not a professional writer.  My grammar and spelling may not always be up to standards, but the information will be an accurate as I can make it.

The statement ‘getting healthy’ covers a very wide and diverse area.  The area of health I would like to focus on right now is ‘gut health’ (yuck).  Until recently I knew the bowels, guts, intestines, what ever noun you want to use, were important.  The thing I did not realize was what goes on in the guts..  A lot of the enzymes and proteins our bodies need to work properly are made in the guts.

Today I would like to take a minute and talk or write about Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT).  It is a neurotransmitter.  It helps the nerve cells talk to each other, throughout the body and the brain.

4 Things that serotonin could affect.

  1.   Bowel function. Most of the serotonin is in the GI tract where it regulates bowel        function and movements.
  2.   Mood. It is well-known for its role that is plays in our moods, anxiety and happiness.
  3. Clotting.  Serotonin carried by platelets is released in the area of the wound causing vasoconstriction (narrowing of the tiny arteries – arterioles)  to slow blood flow and aids in blood clot formation.
  4.   Nausea.  If you eat something toxic or irritating, the GI tract produces more serotonin to help expel the irritant in diarrhea.  This increase in blood serotonin levels causes nausea by stimulating the nausea area of the brain.

Researchers are still studying serotonin and more knowledge is to come.  Serotonin production is one of many aspects of gut health that we will cover in the coming weeks.

Just a small piece of trivia about Serotonin.  If you found this interesting please comment on the contact tab in the upper right hand corner.  If there is another subject you would like some information on let me know and I will see what I can do.


gut health


My first blog post

My name is Robert Norris.  I work for a newspaper.  I have a lot of interests  in life.  One of those interests is getting healthy.  About 7 months ago I started this journey.  It has been fun sometimes and not so fun others.

As I travelled this road I have done some research into different products and their ingredients.  Do these products do what the company says they will.  Are the ingredients supportive of the claims.  As I have researched these claims, I have started to learn more about our amazing bodies.  What makes them work right.  What we need to intake into our bodies to help them work.  I have also learned what not to intake and get rid of or reduce to help my body function properly.

This blog is my way of sharing what I have learned with the rest of the world.  I am not a doctor or medical professional.  The information is not meant to replace a medical attention.  This blog is just a way the average person can learn more about their insides and what it takes to help the insides (gut) run better.

I do not intend for this blog to become a medical journal.  It will not be an all inclusive bank of information.  It is simply an informal location for tidbits of information for the average person.

I hope you find the information useful and beneficial in your endeavors to get healthy.

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